Your guide to a
low-carbon lifestyle

Cilo's easy to use footprint tracker let's you see the carbon cost of the products you buy, get personalised reduction tips, and compete with friends and family to achieve you climate goals

How to help stop climate change

Step 1 - Understand

If we wanted to reduce our financial spending, we would first need to know the cost of things. It’s the same for climate change. Cilo shows you the carbon cost of the products you buy.

Step 2 - Track

It would be a lot easier to reduce our spending if we could keep track of it. Cilo makes it quick and easy to track your carbon spending over time so that you can see what your biggest expenses are.

Step 3 - Reduce

Once we know what our spending is, we need options that will allow us to reduce it without having to make big, uncomfortable lifestyle changes. Cilo provides personalised tips to make footprint reduction easy.

Step 4 - Have fun

Let’s face it, climate change is depressing. But doing your bit to stop it need not be. Complete challenges, get to the top of leaderboards, and share your progress with friends to get that little extra motivation.

See the carbon cost of food and drink products

Everything we buy has a carbon cost, from a loaf of bread to a pint of beer. Search our bespoke database to get an estimate of the carbon footprint of food products in seconds.

Develop your carbon instinct

Products are categorised into tiers so that you can get a quick sense of where on the scale of good-to-bad they lie.

Dive into the data

Why are tomatoes bad in Winter when bananas aren’t? Does chicken really have a lower footprint than cheddar? Cilo won't just give you the numbers, it'll explain them too.

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Track your carbon spending

It’s quick and easy to add the data you need to gain a full understanding of your climate impact.

Just 2 minutes a day

Track your footprint in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

Tried and tested

Our calorie counter-style UX makes it quick and easy to record your purchase data

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Learn how to reduce your climate impact

The app will show you which products you spend most on and give you advice on ways you could reduce your associated spending for each product.

Get personalised tips

It might mean buying less of high carbon products, or buying them in more sustainable ways (local rather than imported, cans not bottles, etc).

Set targets

Set yourself at least one small target each month, and keep track of your progress with the app.

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Connect with friends and family

A problem shared is a problem halved. Compete with friends and family and achieve your climate goals together!

Top the leaderboards

Sometimes a bit of competition makes all the difference. Try to get to the top of our community leaderboards!

Invite your friends

So that you can both get a referral bonus to shoot up the rankings!

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No bulls**t money grabs.
It’s all about reduction.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible reduce their carbon footprint by as much as possible. That’s it.

We don’t share your data.

We don’t greenwash.

We don’t offset.

We just help you reduce.

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